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Paragraph Took's Journal of Nonsense
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Monday, February 11th, 2008
11:21 am
Well, I had about the greatest birthday I've ever had. Pat took Wednesday-Friday off for a mini-vacation, so he came down Tuesday night after work and spent the whole time here with me. For my birthday he made me breakfast and we hung out and wandered around town and then that night we headed south to Mount Vernon for dinner and then even farther south to Kent to go skating. The rink in Kent has a adult skate on Wednesday nights. Pat used to go to it with Dan all the time, but it got to be too much for him having to drive all that way home, not get in till almost 2:30 and then get up at 5 for work. But time off, so we went and it was awesome. Best skating ever. There were all kinds of awesome jam skaters, and Dan was better than he is in Lynden and it was just a blast. Anyone down that way on a Wednesday night, I reccommend it. It doesn't matter how well you skate either, because everyone is so cool. You get people who can really jam it out next to people who can just skate in a line doing nothing. Awesomeness. I can't wait until we get some opportunity to go there again.

So Pat got me Arrested Development season 1 & 2 and his mom got me season 3. And Pat also got me a jigsaw puzzle cause I've been into those lately. Mom got me the last two volumes of Futurama and two puzzles. And my aunt sent a gift card and some soaps and lotions. And G+G gave me $25, so I bought the new edition of Life of Brian. Because I vowed that if that movie ever came out on a special edition, I would re-buy it. That movie changed my life.

So now it's back to regularness. School is going alright. Only a few more weeks and then I'm done and then I don't know what.

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, December 5th, 2007
8:35 am
I'm around. I really am. Been busy with school and all. I think I've had to write an essay almost every week this quarter. Or at least almost every week since we got back from Vegas. I'm tired of writing papers, and I still have one to write this week, and another one to write next week before this quarter is over. Only have one class in the winter which should be nice.
Sunday, October 14th, 2007
6:37 pm
Stefanie and Pat are home safely and unmarried from Vegas. We had a great trip and got to visit Death Valley and see the lowest point in the US. And we saw Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon. And we walked down most of the Strip and saw Spamalot! and went to Freemont Street.

But I have email to catch up on and homework to do.
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007
3:55 pm
Only a couple more days and then Vegas! I've been trying not to think about it and get myself excited yet, because then the days would drag, but I am looking forward to the nece warm temperatures. I did have to read for almost eight hours yesterday though trying to make sure I'm going to be ahead on all my homework. And I will be. I have two articles left to read tonight, and I haven't decided if I want to go on a little farther just to be on the very ahead side. Anyways, it's finally almost here and on Friday afternoon I will finally let myself get excited. We're leaving on Sunday!

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, September 4th, 2007
2:47 pm
My passport came on Saturday. Much, much sooner than I was told it would be done. I went in around the beginning of July and was told it would take twelve weeks and I'd probably get it in October. But it's here now. I was listening to Pat and Jane explain to Ryan about getting their passports and it's many, many times easier to get a passport in America than Canada lol. They blame us of course, lol. Other than that I've been doing lots of nothing. Finished cleaning out my room, and the house passed its final inspection that week, so all the construction is done. Probably need to go back through and dust my room again to get all the last of the consruction dust out now that there won't be anymore. Spent a nice long weekend in Canada with Pat while he and Ryan geeked out. I can't think of much more to say right now, so I'm going to head out.

Current Mood: full
Wednesday, August 8th, 2007
11:59 am
So, stuff. It's August already. I really should try to make a good post one of these days, but I've been having a real hard time trying to focus my mind to write, so maybe one of these days. Anyhow I'm doing good and everything has been going fine with me. Yep.
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007
10:43 am
So I'm alive. I'm just post lazy. I just wanted to say that. I didn't really have much else at the moment. Lots of stuff going on Lots of jokes made, lots of laughs had, lots of borders crossed. More later when I eventually feel like writing.
Monday, June 11th, 2007
12:07 pm
Life. Frustrating. Been sitting here at school since 10. Working on my final essays for political theory. They're due by 5 tonight. Have to write 2 short 2-3 page essays. So far in an hour I've made it onto the second page of my first essay. Am ready to head home. Not having the greatest of days. Started Friday night. Emily came in and asked me if I could work for her on Sunday. I really, really didn't want to, but I knew I had to, so I told her yes, but she'd better make Pat some cookies because he was standing there when she asked and I said yes, and he was pissed about it. He was mad that we already don't get much time together and now there was most of our Sunday gone. But he knows he's selfish and apologized about it later. Still getting cookies though. So I went up Saturday and we went to dinner and went 5 pin bowling. I beat his ass in the last game. Went to work Sunday and got a nice surprise when the Clooney dad shower up with his kids. That was a nice eye treat. And this other guy was real nice and chatty. He's been there before, I recognized him and we were joking around. Spent most of my work day cooking huge orders of hot dogs and corndogs, with some pizzas and texting on my phone to Pat. Went back up after I got off work. We lounged around and watched some X-Files. I made him start watching them, and we're up to the second season now. He laughed when I said Skinner was a big handsome piece of man meat. Had to get up at 5 like normal this morning and really didn't want to. Actually got pulled into secondary at the border today. That was frustrating, but what can you do? If you resist or try to fight then you're just going to get in more trouble, so you just have to sit back and take it; answer their stupid questions and let them search your car. Finally got home and let myself sleep in longer than I normally do. Normally I'd have to get up at 7 to get ready for school, but since all I have to do today is write these essays, I let myself sleep a little longer as a reward for putting up with crap at the border and for not getting to spend more time with Pat. I told him last night how I used to refer to him as HH. He laughed and told me I was cute or something. Anyhow, I suppose I should get back to finishing my essays. I really wanted to be out of here by 1 today, but I can see that that's not going to happen at the crappy, distracted pace I write.

Current Mood: frustrated
Wednesday, June 6th, 2007
9:43 am
I seriously am bad at updating this. What am I at? Once a week-ish now? Well. School's almost out, so maybe I'll be better about it. Won't have to worry about getting school work done first. I'm working on my second to last paper right now. If I could finish it in 15 minutes I could go to class for stupid peer review session and earn 10 points, but I hate peer review, so oh well. I would like to get this paper done today though, because I have another paper to write this weekend, and I don't want to have to be worrying about both of them. My other paper is my take home final and it's due Monday. Not happy about that.

Anyhow, school's almost done. Couple more days these week, three finals next week and the week after Pat is going to have some vacation time, so that should be lots of fun... though knowing my luck Brenda will probably put on to work that whole week for school parties or something. That would piss me off. Oh well.

Should probably get back to my paper. It's very easy this one. It's all journal style reporting about what we did on our class project. I still need 13 more signatures for my petition, but I'll get my Canada classmates to all sign it.
Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
12:37 am
Well, yeah, again another I'm alive post. I got a bunch of pictures I'm going to have to load up here one of these days. My research paper is due in the morning. I'm on page nine out of ten. I'm on my conclusion, and if I can drag it out like I did with the intro I should be set. Nothing like spending a sunny day like today was locked away in my room bs-ing a paper about the court system and judicial nomination process of Canada.

Only two papers left this quarter. A take home final essay for political theory and my letter writing campaign for Bobcat's class.

All I really want to do right now is curl up in my Canadian's arms and wake up Saturday morning. Going down to visit Angie and Shaun and LaJa one last time before they move away. That's going to be very sad, but hopefully I'll get a good reason to take a trip to Chicago out of it. Gotta look on that positive side.

In other moving news, but not really, someone said if they took a job somewhere else they'd want me to go too. That was surprising.

So I'm off to get my papers all saved up on my thumb drives so I can print them at school tomorrow morning after I finish writing the conclusion. I skipped theory class today to work on this paper, and I might skip Bobcat's class in the morning tomorrow to finish it up. I'm undecided on that so far.

Current Mood: accomplished
Monday, May 21st, 2007
10:00 pm
This is more of just a Stefanie is still alive post, but is super busy trying to write a 5 page essay, a 10 page research paper, a presenation, and a letter campaign/petition on top of all her normal reading and homework. Lots of good times have been had last weekend, last week and this past weekend, and hopefully more will be had this upcoming weekend. One good thing helped my stress today... my Canadian politics prof changed the due date of our research paper from Friday until next Wednesday. Previously both my essay and my research paper were due this Friday and I was super tweaking out. But I should be off to get my presentation written up.

Current Mood: busy
Friday, May 11th, 2007
11:43 pm
Funsavers, not really up to the job
So, I have a couple minutes here. I should have come in from work and finished the rest of my soc chapter, but someone told me I should come online for a while, so I did, and what happens? Just like always fell asleep on me. But I'll forgive him, his brother is in town.

So a couple minutes, a couple pictures. They aren't that great because it's a disposable camera, and because I was lazy and didn't want to actually put the viewfinder up to my eye, so I just pointed and prayed. It worked for the most part, but some of the pictures are awfully goofy.

Current Mood: drained
11:28 am
Well, I'm sitting here at school. Bobcat requires that we all come talk to him during office hours sometime between the 3rd and 7th weeks of the quarter, and since this is week 6 and I have yet to go, I decided I better get it done today. So I've been sitting here for 15 minutes, and still have another 15 to wait.

Silverdale weekend last week was fun. Got to hang out with Angie & Shaun and play with the baby. Got to take my Canadian fellow on a road trip with me. So much fun was had. I took some pictures of everyone, which I'm hoping turned out because I was just pointing and praying with the cheap funsaver that I picked up at Haggen before we went. Had to leave a little early on Sunday than I wanted to, but someone had to be back in time to go to his daughter's birthday, which as we're always saying to each other it seems, family comes first.

Went to Victoria on a class trip yesterday. That was awesome. Anders was amazed at how awake I was all day long for having gotten up at 3:50 AM. We took the ferry across to Victoria and got to spend the day at Parliament. A clerk talked to us, and the opposition minister for governmental affairs talked to us, and the minister for governmental affairs had lunch with us. We got a quick tour of the building and got to sit in the gallery during session to watch question period, and we lucked out and got a lively one. I love parliamentary government, it's so fun. I took some pictures while we were there too, because I had 9 left on the funsaver from the weekend. That's down at Walgreen's and I get to pick it up on my way home. So maybe if I find some time later I might post some pictures. Don't know yet.

Got assloads of homework coming up. 12 research paper for Canadian politics. 5 page essay for political theory. A letter writing campaign/ class project for sociology. Tons of reading to get through too, because I kept falling asleep while trying to read Rousseau the other day. And that kinda pissed me off because he seemed really interesting and like he might be saying the sort of things I'm apt to agree with. Oh, and I have that to do too. Have to give a presentation in a week or two about Rousseau. Oy.

Spent most of my day in Canada yesterday, not just in Victoria. I think I spent about a total of 4.5 hours in the States. Got home from our class trip and turned around to go up to Pat's. And I got really bitchy border guards both ways this trip. The Canadian guy got pissy...

Canadian: What's the purpose of you visit?
Me: To stay the night at my boyfriend's.
Canadian: What's the address?
Me: Langley.
Canadian: That's a big place.

Then he gave me a real asshole look. They normally don't ask you an address, the bitch, so he kinda threw me for a loop, and considering I'd been awake since 4 am.... So I had to stop and think really quickly and tell him the address, which I fortunately thought to look at the last time I was at Pat's.

This morning the CBP guy actually made me turn off my car so that he could check my trunk. Jerk. Anyhow, I've got nothing to hide, so you can check all you want, you're just inconveniencing me and the people behind me.

Well, I should probably head up to Bobcat's office so I can at least try to get there before anyone else who may need to go see him.
Monday, April 30th, 2007
10:51 pm
So my frustration and fears this morning were unfounded as someone is still going to join me for my trip, though a slight part of the trip has changed to accomodate the change I was frustrated and disappointed about.

This doesn't have to make any sense. Just what I wrote this morning, I'm taking back what I said. It was just the initial disappointment, but now everything's good again, so I'm happy.
9:18 am
You know, I was having a pretty nice day today until I read my email this morning. I've really got to stop looking forward to things, because then when my plans get all ruined up, it's so frustrating and disappointing, even if it is understandable and what has to happen. I know the right thing has to be done, and will be, but that doesn't mean I can't be disappointed about not getting to spend the weekend with all my favorite peoples drinking margaritas. I think the frustrating part is that I can't say anything. I have to bite my tongue, because someone else let me put family first a couple times, and now this is the same thing, only it's their family first.

Sometimes being fair, responsible, and all those other things can get really frustrating if it feels like you're the one who keeps being the giving, selfless one. I just want to be selfish here for a while, but won't. Can't. Wouldn't be right. Oh well. Just have to deal with it. Isn't the end of the world, and it'll work out some other time.
7:53 am
Well, it's Mondya again. I haven't been posting much lately have I? Well, this isn't going to be much more than this couple lines, because I'm still too busy to stop and think straight enough to collect my thoughts here.

I got to see the baby this weekend, and she's adorable. At some point after I load the pictures on here, I'll have to post one.

And I beat Pat at bowling. It took me four games, but I finally beat him by one pin.
Monday, April 23rd, 2007
2:48 pm
On an otherwise sad day...
... a quote from real life, Saturday evening, driving to Seattle for a concert....

"It's I-5, I could put my hand on my cock and be jerked off in five miles."

Current Mood: calm
Monday, April 16th, 2007
9:35 pm
Exciting news abounds!!
Angie had the baby! I'm now an 'aunt'! 8lbs, 8oz, healthy, blond & blue eyed, looks like Shaun according to Eileen. AND! And I'm the second person she called, so I feel really awesome about that. The baby's name is Lauren Jade by the way. I'm so freaking excited for Angie & Shaun. It seems like just yesterday I was having a martini at Angie's birthday and she had just found out that week she was pregnant.

I also cut my hair today finally. 18 inches. My hair feels way too short! Haha. But I've got to find me a little box so I can mail it off to Locks of Love. I feel good about that.

Current Mood: jubilant
Friday, April 13th, 2007
11:48 am
Having a great time here. Sitting at school, in my favorite computer lab, just shot a letter off to my favorite Canadian.

Spent two nights in Canada this week. One was planned and one was spontaneous, but both were great fun.

Kelly's been home and it's awesome, though he got a call the other night and his tour of duty once he goes back to Iraq is being extended. I asked him if he brought us any Iraqi sand, but he said no, though his uniform is probably full of it. He did say he bought me a gift in Iraq, which surprised me. He forgot to pack it in his haste though, so when he finally does get to come home, I'll get it. He got me a headscarf like Yasser Arafat's. It's even red & white checked apparently. I'm looking forward to getting that.

Grandma & Grandpa came for dinner on Sunday. That was nice. Monday's dinner was the fun one though. It was the four of us, plus Kelly's friends Derek, Sam, & Matt, and Pat came down too. He got off work at his normal time, no ot, and I told him he should come down for tacos and to meet Kelly. So he did, in exchange that I would come up Wednesday, which I couldn't cause I had to work, but I told him I had already been planning to go up on Thursday, cause I had to work, then I figured I'd stick around and watch him play hockey and follow him home. So that's what I did. And I got all my homework for the week done by Tuesday night, so I found myself at his place that night too.

So I've been up since about 5 this morning. Pat gets up at 5 to go to work. Had a slight nap before my own alarm went off when I got home. But mostly I'm running today on about 2 hours or less of sleep. We just couldn't shut up last night. And that's not supposed to be an innuendo or anything, we really just couldn't shut up talking to each other last night.

So, now I should probably be off to home. Got a little homework and some errands to run with Mom.

Current Mood: content
Saturday, April 7th, 2007
11:59 pm
Kelly is home! Yay, hurrah. Until the 23rd. He has no clothes here since he came straight from Kuwait, and his are back in Hawaii, so he had to go buy some. I went with him, cause I figured that's probably the most I'll get to see him at once. Yay, yay, yay, hurrah!

Current Mood: jubilant
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